Painting Rainbow Row, Charleston Watercolor Painting Tutorials

Painting Rainbow Row, Charleston Watercolor Painting Tutorial

  • How to Use Masking

    Masking is a great tool for beginner watercolor painters. Here's a YouTube watercolor painting tutorial and a few quick tips to make using masking easy!


  • How to Paint a Venice Boat

    The glorious old wooden boat taxis of Venice are iconic symbols of a romantic Venetian trip. YouTube watercolor painting tutorial takes you step by step through the painting.


  • Maine Path

    Hiking and painting go together perfectly, two of my favorite things to do. This watercolor painting is done from a photo I took of my oldest son riding on my husband's shoulders on a gorgeous Acadia National Park hike.


  • Sketching Trees

    The type of sketch I do depends completely on my purpose for sketching that day, more than the subject. Here are two quick tree sketches I had completely different reasons for sketching.


  • Art Resources

    Artists and books to inspire your watercolor painting! Artist Jennifer Branch gives you her favorites! Not to mention her goto art supply stores.


  • How to Mix Greens

    Most people think mixing greens is hard, but if you know how, it's easy! Here's a painting lesson and YouTube video to show you the techniques!


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